During one of the alcoholic parties Marcin (guitars) and Lukas (vocals) brought to its unholy life the horde from that time known as INFATUATION OF DEATH. Maniacal devotion to Death Metal didn't leave anyone in doubt as to the genre the band decided to play. Soon afterwards the line-up was completed by Kamil (drums) and Karol (guitars). Thanks to the devilish combination of hard work, tones of sweat and ever-flowing litres of consumed alcohol the material was prepared, and eagerly revealed to hungry maniacs during various live-shows. Most important of them took place in Katowice ("Mystic Night"), Nowy Sacz, Dabrowa Górnicza, Jaworzno and Chorzów ( Rampa ). At the end of 2002, the band decided to kick Karol out , as he didn't show any signs of interest in the band. There was no eagerness on his part to cooperate either, so it was inevitable. Roughly at the same time the fresh blood flowed in as Artur, the ex-bass guitarist of MALEDICTION joined the perverse preachers of INFATUATION OF DEATH.

The most important achievement for the band in 2003 was undoubtedly recording of the first demo tape. In the day when the Nazarene was crucified, under the supervision of Maciek Mularczyk, in Mamut Studio, the recording session duly began. After three days the goal was achieved and "Heretic Hellspawn Holocaust" came to life. Soon after that commemorable event Andrzej, the former guitarist of HELLSPAWN, joined the band to spread havoc and destroy the hearts (and ears) of the Meek. The band attacked the underground promoting its first spawn with great deal of unholy enthusiasm and bestial devotion. There were more and more gigs to play. The first one after the monthly break was the Rampol 2003 - the contest amongst young underground bands - where INFATUATION OF DEATH turned out to be the best , receiving the triumphant title of the winner. Next show was organized by the band itself, again in "Rampa" (Chorzow), together with DARK LEGION, ISOLATED, PUTRIDITY and PARANOIA.

In November, a day before the booked show in Slovakia, Kamil left the band. But Janek offered his help (the drummer of BOTTOM, SCABIES and also for some time the backbone of PSYCHONEUROSIS) at such a difficult time and the band could unhindered, save and sound (although a bit hung-over) go to Slovakia and together with the awesome thrashers from THE NO-MADS (Katowice) devastate the southern neighbours. Both bands proved their worth and crushed all, accompanied by such evil horders as DEMENTOR or DEPRESY. Afterwards, Janek decided to stay with INFATUATION OF DEATH for good and since that adventurous journey the line-up was finally consolidated and has been luckily unchanged since that time. It is as follows - Lukas (vocals), Marcin (guitars), Andrzej (guitars), Janek (drums) and Arturtro (bass). What's more, since the Slovakian event, the name of the band has always been associated with floods of alcohol and piles of glass, both broken and eaten...

The crowning performance of the year 2003 was the ear-splitting gig on the 6th of December with devastators from INCARNATED and THE NO-MADS, The Santa Claus was properly raped, the concert recorded and released in 100 limited copies as "Live in Rampa".

The beginning of 2004 was celebrated by the show in Knurów together with the monstrous SOULLESS (Chorzow). Then followed other gigs witm BOTTOM, DEAD INFECTION, SCABIES, and also the unforgettable concert in Sosnowiec, one of the Grind Tour de Pologne series, in the company of SQUASH BOWELS, CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, PARRICIDE and SCABIES.

Also in 2004 thanx to the help and assistance of Tomasz (Redrum666 Rec) the dark hatred was unleashed and the split with PUTRIDITY (Gliwice) saw the broad daylight. It contained the already released material from the demo "Heretic Hellspawn Holocaust"

The most memorable and mind-grinding event of 2004 was to be the participation in "Grind Tour de Pologne" with SUPPOSITORY, FORNICATION and SCABIES. Unfortunately, three days before the due start, the whole tour was cancelled. By the end of that year the band managed to play a few times live - with SOULLESS and THE NO-MADS in Rampa, and in Tychy, in the Club "Na Wschodniej" with SOULLESS - where some devilish and glass-shattering incidents took place. As for the time being the band has finished recording the second demo tape entitled "Bestial Devilized Hell".

Bestial Devilized Hell stabilized the IOD position on the underground scene and let us play the sequence of concerts. Among others: Siekierzyn Fest and also Burning Metal Fest in Czech Republic.

Soon later the band fell into personal turbulence and experienced almost two years disruption of activity.

In October 2006 from the Lukas and Andrzej initiative the band was reactivated and started to serch for the rest of members. After a few rechersals a new drumer is already found Bula (Incinirate Infection).

In between time band found new bass player Chris and Zielak guitar (Kadath). After two concerts together without any bright reasons (cyborg manipulated by the woman) Chris leaves the band. Searches aren't taking to long and after the week band is already greeting in its rows new much much better bass player FAJA (Nuclear Vomit).

In September 2007 band ends its cooperation with Zielak (thanks for everything BROTHER and have a successes with Kadath!!!) and old „MEMBER” of the band Martin is takes the place of it. Infatuation of Death starts to compose material for a new LP. Album will be recorded probably at the end of 2008…